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Lady Elaine

This Lady Elaine drainage project was quite involved. This homeowner had problems with neighborhood runoff water flooding their pool. They also had problems with saturated soils that would stay wet for months at a time. Once we provided our free consultation, we went to work crafting a custom solution.

We installed a French drain around the pool and expanded one we installed several years ago to be able to handle increased volume. We also installed a French drain by the back fence to collect water coming from the neighbor’s lawn. We tied all the gutter downspouts on this side of the house into the new drain system and it all exits through our custom curb drains.

Our equipment mats helped protect the lawn while our equipment did the excavating and hauling. Ten yards of drainage rock and 650’ of high-quality drain pipe installed and wrapped in non-woven drain fabric should protect them for years to come. Our system will not fail from clogged pipes.  

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